Torys LLP

Law Firm:
Torys LLP
Areas of Practice: Aboriginal Law; Administrative Law; Constitutional Law; Contract Law; Copyright Law; Criminal Law; Employment and Labour Law; Evidence Law; Family Law; Human Rights Law; Immigration Law; Patent Law; Personal Injury Law; Procedural Law; Real Estate Law; Trade-mark Law; Wills and Estates Law
Address: Suite 3000, 79 Wellington St. W.
Toronto, M5K-1N2
Ontario, Canada
Phone:(416) 865-7537
Fax:(416) 865-7380
Lawyers (272):
Michael Akkawi - Partner
Michael Amm - Partner
Sheila Block - Partner

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By scanning Canadian Lawyers Directory's database of more than 20,000 canadian law firms, we've compiled a list of firms located in close proximity to Torys LLP office in Ontario, Canada: London Guarantee Insurance Company; TD Securities Inc.; Aylesworth Thompson Phelen O'Brien LLP; BMO Private Client Group; TD Evergreen Investor Services, a div. of TD Securities Inc.; Fairmont Hotels & Resorts; William M Mercer Limited; Wilson & Partners LLP

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